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We empower individuals and professionals with an integrative approach of mental, physical and emotional educational and transformational experiences, to elevate their health and enhance their performance


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Regenerative Centres

Humanity in Harmony

Our mission is to create a self-sustaining, environment and community centric model of life.

Personal Development Holistic Health - Permaculture

A Regenerative Centre is a space devoted to facilitating our learning, healing and evolution,
in harmony with the Earth.

Centre's are located in areas of outstanding natural beauty.
Where we combine our holistic health education and coaching with regenerative farming and permaculture, to create a home for a community of global citizens who have chosen a new way of living.

Mentors, coaches and students from Infinite Being Academy are able to live, learn and lead within Centre communities. Where we provide in-person courses, training, education, experiences and retreats.

The Infinite Being DAO is at the heart of Regenerative Centre's community centric model for self-governance. Allowing members to invest, own, live, work and travel between Centre's to live a regenerative and expansive life, globally.

Our Pilot Centre
Le Petit Chataigne
"The Little Chestnut"

Is the name of our first Centre, in the heart of southern France. Where @Brothers_in_Occitane, myself and several other friends are renovating the buildings, infrastructure and restoring the land.